Our motivation

Whether it’s the attention to detail of two perfectly interlocking gears or the enthusiasm to change the world with new technology – everyone has their own drive. Regardless of our individual motivations, we are all united by the aspiration to make cancer diagnoses faster and more reliable – be it because of a personal concern or the dedication to the underlying technology. One step a time, we’re getting closer to our goal every day, making a leap forward in lab technology along the way.

Maria Driesel

Managing Partner, CEO

Ottavia Rossini

Assistant Electrical Engineer

Stephan Kuphal

Full Stack Developer

Dominik Sievert

Managing Partner, CTO

Maximilian Krappmann

Computer Vision Developer

Benjamin Thoma

Automation Engineer

Robin Zuber

Head of Engineering

Alexandra Skowronek

Marketing Assistant

Dan-Timon Rudolph

Electrical Engineer

Michael Davey

Senior Software Architect

Martin Azzouni

Regulatory Affairs

Daniele Saad

Systems Engineer