Intelligent sample container for biopsy samples

Forget about error-prone, time-consuming processes for transferring and labeling tissue samples or the hassles of finding a specific punch biopsy. The innovative inveox sample container integrates a part of the biopsy cassette directly into the lid of the transport container. For the first time, incoming samples can be repacked and encapsulated safely within an automated system. In addition, every inveox container has an individual ID linking all required information from the producer. This facilitates comprehensive documentation and tracing of all samples throughout the entire process.

Automation platform for sample receipt and encapsulation of biopsy samples

Our intelligent container is designed for automated handling in the laboratory. Using conventional methods, several hundred sample containers must be manually repacked, labeled and checked every day. In addition, all sample information is entered into the laboratory information system manually.

The new inveox preparation platform streamlines and fulfills all steps in the process – safely and quickly – and protects your employees from dealing with formalin, which is removed within the machine. The inveox system is designed for a daily throughput of up to 3000 sample containers.

Coded examination request

Our web application enables the sender to digitally link all relevant information for the examination using the code on the container. Once all the data have been entered, the sender can print out an examination request and send it to the laboratory electronically. In the lab, the information, now in the laboratory information system, is quickly and easily reassociated with the sample using a QR-code.