Pathologie 4.0 © – the digital,
automated laboratory of the future

Inveox is digitalizing and automating pathology labs. In doing so, we are strengthening the safety and reliability of cancer diagnostics while also boosting the efficiency and productivity of labs.

Many people hear the word ‘pathology’ and think ‘autopsies’, but at its core, pathology works to save lives.

Every second person will be confronted with at least one cancer diagnosis during the course of his or her life. Along with other testing, the basis of diagnosis usually comes from analyzing a tissue sample from the patient’s body (a biopsy).

A hundred years old problem

Today upon arrival to the lab, samples must be manually repacked and relabeled into new containers for processing prior to pathologist review. Any irregularities during sample entry often continue to disrupt normal workflow throughout the entire process. Each year in Germany alone hundreds of patients will receive a misdiagnosis or incorrect treatment due to false positive or false negative lab results, potentially causing consequences for patients ranging from negative psychosocial impacts to fatalities.

Solved for the first time

Often considered the ‘Achilles heel’ of histopathology, sample entry has posed considerable challenges for pre-analytic laboratories for decades. inveox develops innovative solutions for histopathology sample entry and preparation to overcome these challenges. From the time of biopsy to the slide review, we aim to enable fast and reliable cancer diagnoses through a digitalized, fully automated, and integrated histopathology process. Whether it’s patients, relatives, doctors, laboratory technicians, or others who are directly or indirectly impacted by inveox – we are helping people.
Sample by sample.