Note from the founders in times of COVID-19

In all things it's better to hope than to despair.
– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

During this time of crisis, it is worth remembering this phrase by one of the most famous German historical figures. Much like others throughout Germany, Europe, and the world, our inveox family has been working from home since early March. We are apart, and we are isolated physically, but we are not alone. That is why we must focus on our hopes and on the future rather than having despair over the current situation in which we are living.

Our company is committed to fighting diseases. In the face of both cancer and now also COVID-19, we study the way things are, reflect on the best way that we can contribute, and take action as a company. We built our name and reputation on helping histopathology labs in the fight against cancer, and while this fight continues, we are now also making use of our supply chains to help hospitals, clinics and all medical professionals in the fight against the coronavirus. We are doing our best to ensure that they have all of the testing kits and personal protective equipment that they need to prevent our health systems from becoming saturated or overwhelmed.

In terms of our people, just about everyone is working from home unless their job requires them to be somewhere. We want to protect our people, their families, and their livelihood by making sure they have the right tools to continue working in order to help medical professionals do their job. As a medtech company, our very foundations are medicine and technology. That is why instead of letting this outbreak of the coronavirus overwhelm us and our societies with fear and doubt, we want to step forward to encourage resiliency, solidarity, and hope. And we want to do this with both our products and our people.

In closing, let’s not forget that “hope” and “despair” can depend on our attitude and perspective. This disease has brought us unprecedented medical, social, and economic problems, but we will overcome them, so it is crucial that we remain positive and motivated towards our common goal of beating this pandemic. Thank you to everyone working together on this global mission. From our colleagues and their families, to our business partners and customers, and most of all to the medical professionals making a difference on the front lines.