Digital Platform

Physicians can now send sample details like never before. Everything from pictures, videos, drawings, previous diagnoses and preliminary findings can now be shared with a pathologist to ensure the best diagnosis possible. Our encrypted data platform and highly secure database provide seamless communication between a resident physician, clinic or hospital and a lab, which provides more safety, speed and reliability on the patients’ final results. Everyone can receive immediate updates on sample status from sample extraction to diagnosis.

Intelligent Container

Today, patient samples need to be manually repacked into different containers and relabelled as soon as they reach a histopathology lab. Our sample containers have integrated filters that allow for automated assembly into biopsy cassettes. This way the sample always stays inside a container, and each container has a unique ID to facilitate data transfer, Track & Trace, and process control. In short: sample mix-ups, contaminations, and misplacements are a thing of the past.

Automation Device

With inveox’s proprietary machine, dozens of sample containers can be loaded and processed simultaneously. The machine identifies the sample, photographs the tissue for further documentation, and removes the formalin while transferring the sample into a biopsy cassette. Afterwards, encoded with the same identification number as the sample container, the biopsy cassette is dispensed from the machine and ready for further processing. All of this allows a higher throughput of samples for the lab and technicians, who are now free to focus on value-adding tasks.

In addition to sample preparation, the machine is equipped with an image recognition module. The use of highly-sensitive industrial cameras in conjunction with special algorithms opens up new doors for the entire sample entry process. Histopathology data is digitized, automated, and structured for the first time. This enables the use of data mining, artificial intelligence and, ultimately, opens the door to a truly personalized therapy.