We need your help improving people’s lives.

There are a lot of reasons why we think you’ll love working at inveox. Here’s the top 10 reasons according to our amazing inveox team.

We Improve Lives, One Sample at a Time.

If you ask an inveoxee why they were attracted to the company in the first place, most of them will tell you that they wanted to be part of our mission. Working for any innovative medtech is exciting but working for one that aims to bring innovation to cancer diagnosis gives a deeper purpose to our jobs.

A Diverse Workforce.

Our founders, Maria and Dominik Sievert, knew from the very beginning that they wanted to build an international team to bring people from all kinds of backgrounds with a range of experience and knowledge to their company. Inveox is  proud to be an equal opportunity employer committed to uniting all aspects of diversity.

Clear & Lived Company Values.

We know that achieving our goals is only possible if we foster an open and collaborative work environment. That’s why our inveox company values are integrated into everything we do, from leadership decisions to individual tasks.

We’re At The Forefront Of Innovation.

The system and products that we’re offering our customers do not exist anywhere else. This means that, as a part of our team, you can develop innovations that have never been brought to cancer diagnosis before.

Get Responsibilities Right Away.

We work hands on and trust in the expertise each inveoxee brings to the table. That’s why new talent is quickly integrated into important projects and given responsibilities that help them establish themselves at inveox.

Room To Grow.

Inveox puts a lot of emphasis on personal development. Everyone is encouraged to learn new skills, take developmental courses as part of their work week, and even transition to different departments or roles when possible. The more an individual grows, the more the company grows.

Constructive Feedback Culture.

Part of our company values and commitment to individual growth is fostering a healthy feedback culture.  We schedule frequent feedback sessions and have tools that allow inveoxees to give and receive feedback directly from their peers and team leads. Good work is always recognized and appreciated.

Work Flexibility.

The pandemic made it clear just how important it is to be flexible with the way we work. At inveox, everyone is encouraged to try to plan their workday how it suits them best and working from home is often an option.

Commitment To Work-Life Balance.

We believe in working to live, not living to work. As part of our team, your weekends and vacation time will be respected and responsibilities to family and your health come first.

Benefits when you join.

Benefits for Munich-Garching and Kraków Offices

  • Flexible working hours and remote working options
  • The number of vacation days increases every year (up to a maximum of 30 days)
  • Occupational retirement provision (Betriebliche Altersvorsorge)
  • Access to Udemy – a learning platform with a variety of free courses and topics
  • Access to Headspace meditation app
  • Corporate benefits shopping portal
  • Support with Covid-19 protective materials (self-tests, masks)
  • Summer and winter team events and after-work events
  • Company initiatives (sports, office events, corporate social responsibility etc.)
  • For in-office employees, free beverages, fruits, and snacks are available
  • Ergonomic office and home-office equipment with height-adjustable desks and chairs
  • High-quality hardware equipment

Additional Benefits for Kraków Office

  • Private Medical Care at Luxmed
  • Life Insurance Policy with Nationale-Nederlanden (100% paid for our employees)

Additional Benefits for Munich-Garching Office

  • Free basic medical check-ups
  • Company doctor

We’re hiring at our Munich and Krakow offices now.

Search for open roles below. If you have a question about your application or working at inveox? Please contact us here for all job-related inquiries: