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Instant test-sample processing and automation.

The first lab module from our pathos ecosystem allows labs to instantly register and photograph incoming samples. The scanned data and photo files are automatically uploaded to the invorder platform and the lab’s DLO or LIS system.


Simplify your sample processing workflow and minimize manual input.

The samplex module ensures that the sample processing workflow in labs is extremely efficient and flexible. Labs get a clear look at the timeline of all arriving samples allowing for better capacity planning.

Once samples arrive, they are automatically registered and organized by case and sample type. The sample description and photo documentation are instantly cataloged in the invorder system and shared with the lab’s DLO or LIS system. With samplex, the need for almost all manual sample processing paperwork has been eliminated.

samplex front view
samplex perspective view
samplex drawer with samples
samplex back view

Paperless, direct, transparent.

With the digital examination order from inveox, you and your pathology samples are directly connected. Submit diagnosis-relevant information and keep a transparent overview of all your orders.

Build the workflow that suits your needs.

The pathos ecosystem was built to be adaptable and customizable to serve the needs of a wide variety of medical and lab professionals. We understand that not every doctor, point of care or lab will need full-scale sample automation overnight. Choose the solutions and modules that are right for you and easily order additional modules as the need arises. Flexibility and efficiency are at the heart of the pathos ecosystem.

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